Consumer Education Center

  • Engage consumers with easy-to-understand healthcare education information
  • Save your organization time and resources with easy-to-use tools for your website

Today's consumers increasingly pursue healthcare information to help them understand and be well-informed regarding their medications and conditions. Many are looking to take a more active role in their own healthcare. The Consumer Education Center from Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information allows you to provide a convenient Web-based portal for your consumers to access generalized summary drug and condition information.

How Does It Work?

  • We offer you a ready-made package of healthcare educational tools, including patient education materials in both English and Spanish, a drug interaction checker, and a drug identifier tool
  • You can easily integrate these Web services tools to create a patient portal or consumer health information Web page that maintains your organization's branding with minimal maintenance effort on the part of your staff

How Can Consumer Education Center Help Your Organization?

  • Saves time and resources — while we host the content, you can easily build and maintain your own consumer-facing resource with this easily integrated, ready-made package
  • Make it easier for customers to access information with a responsive website easily viewable on mobile devices
  • Provides a value-added service to patients, fostering greater affinity, loyalty and trust in your organization
  • Offers access to quality content to empower patients to further educate themselves at a basic level
  • Helps improve patients' understanding of their health with patient-friendly information that isn't overly complex or technical
  • Supports safe medication practices among patients, helping to improve patient compliance and reduce readmissions for healthcare institutions, as well as reinforce outpatient medication instructions
    • Helps reduce confusion by linking patients directly to trusted information that is consistent with patient education provided by professionals within healthcare institutions
    • Helps save healthcare professionals time by enabling patients to find answers to simple inquiries on their own

View the graphic "Why Is It Important to Have Patient Education Online?" to learn more about how our solutions could help your organization.


Medication Handouts from Lexicomp

  • Access more than 3,400 medication leaflets in English and Spanish to supplement verbal consumer counseling
  • Search adult and pediatric medication leaflets, written at a 5th-to-7th-grade reading level, by trade or generic names. Results contain medication information from Lexicomp, the premier drug and clinical information resource trusted by top-ranked hospitals
  • Download and/or print as desired

Non-Medication Handouts from Lexicomp with Content from UpToDate

  • Access more than 3,800 non-medication leaflets in English and Spanish to supplement verbal consumer counseling
  • Search by disease or condition for relevant consumer education monographs
  • Contains generalized summary procedure, wellness, and discharge instructions from Lexicomp (5th-to-7th-grade reading level)
  • Contains generalized summary disease and condition content from UpToDate, the renowned disease and condition information resource trusted by hospitals around the world (5th-to-6th-grade reading level)
  • Illustrations are included, where appropriate
  • Download and/or print as desired

Drug Interaction Checker

  • Enables users to enter a list of drugs and check for potential drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-alcohol interactions
  • Provides results explained at a consumer level

Drug Identifier

  • Empowers consumers to search by a combination of imprint, color and dosage form information to help identify prescription and over-the-counter drugs in various dosage forms
  • Provides access to more than 15,000 sharp color images organized by imprint and color

Natural Product Content

  • Look up consumer education information on more than 140 natural products
  • Download and/or print as desired

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