Subscriptions for Android Devices

Lexicomp drug information databases and modules are available for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire. Our mobile apps are tailored to meet the point-of-care needs of pharmacists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and dentists by storing content directly on the mobile device. Continually updated Lexicomp mobile drug information and clinical content is a must for the busy healthcare professional who needs quick, easy tools to support important medication and clinical decisions on the go! Download your Lexicomp drug information mobile app from the Android Market.

Recent Enhancements

Several new enhancements have made Lexicomp references on Android devices even better:

  • Off-Label Database - A new database summarizing more than 1200 off-label medication uses, along with level-of-evidence ratings. Available at no extra charge with Lexi-Drugs.
  • More Drug Images - More drug images - Expanded drug identification database with over 17,000 images drawn from Medi-Span, a leader in drug information
  • Improved Drug ID Interface - New single-screen search interface and tiled results for faster searching
  • Enhanced global and monograph searching - Search for keywords in database indexes and monograph text to immediately find the information you need
  • Customize the order of monograph fields - Individual users can now reorder the fields in monographs to display in whatever order is preferred