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Quickly Identify Answers to Drug Questions

Pharmacists today are tasked with more responsibility than ever before when it comes to supporting patient safety, providing patient education and consultation, identifying alternative drug therapies, and much more.

Discover the convenience of online access to Facts & Comparisons!

Facts & Comparisons eAnswers is an easy-to-use online tool that arms pharmacists with key drug and clinical information to support everyday tasks.

Automatically updated as often as daily, Facts & Comparisons eAnswers helps pharmacists:

  • Access over 6,000 comparative drug tables
  • Screen for allergy interactions
  • Check for potential drug interactions
  • Review comparative efficacy data
  • Identify drugs carried in by patients
  • Counsel and educate patients
  • Answer walk-up questions
  • Generate a list of drugs for a disease or symptom
  • Review formulary options
  • Find REMS summaries
  • Quickly reach Patient Assistance Program information


Easy Navigation

Find information faster with intuitive navigation and
extensive linking, opening up more time to consult patients and
process prescriptions! Still using the classic
Drug Facts & Comparisons binder? You'll be amazed at
how much quicker you can search, find, and know important drug
information online ... including comparative tables.

  • User-friendly interface with standard navigation tools
    and prominent search function
  • Ability to sort tables
  • Links to tables and related content
  • Less narrative content
  • Ability to bookmark favorites
  • "Breadcrumb" navigation
  • Search from any page

Comparative Tables

Quickly access renowned comparative tables from Drug Facts
and Comparisons. Plus, with this online resource you can even
create custom, interactive tables.

  • Product tables from classic
    Drug Facts and Comparisons content
    • Sort tables by columns (name, labeler, strength)
    • Hide rows/columns
    • Narrow options by Gluten Free, Dye Free or Alcohol
    • View market status
  • Drug Comparison Tables tool allows you to choose which
    drugs to compare side-by-side, as well as which sections you
    want to compare

Versatile and In-Depth Content

Quickly access relevant, in-depth and useful drug
information from a single application!

  • Drug Facts and Comparisons®, including
  • Briggs' Drugs In Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Herbal Interaction Facts
  • Patient education handouts
  • Medication Guides
  • Review of Natural Products
  • Off-label drug information
  • Toxicology guidelines
  • Normal laboratory values
  • Comparative efficacy data
  • REMS summaries
  • Orphan drugs
  • Nonprescription drug therapy
  • Bioequivalency codes
  • Manufacturer index
  • Investigational drugs
  • Look Alike/Sound Alike list
  • Don't Crush/Chew list
  • Formulary information (optional)
  • International drugs (optional)
  • Boxed warnings
  • Immunization schedules

Interactive Tools

Perform quick searches with these popular tools!

  • Drug search by brand/generic name
  • Drug search by disease/symptom
  • Drug Identifier - identify by dosage
    form, color, shape, coating, flavor and imprint text
  • Drug Interaction Checker
  • Approximately 100 calculators
  • Advanced dosing tools:
    • ALCS, PALS, NALS calculators
    • Drip rate charts
    • Pharmacokentics tools
  • Trissel's 2 IV compatibility tool

Optional Add-On Modules

The following additional modules are available to expand
your options within Facts & Comparisons eAnswers:

Training Aids

Getting started is easier than ever with these tools
designed to help you master key features of Facts &
Comparisons eAnswers!

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Online Tutorial
  • Tools & Tips
  • "Help" functionality

Browser Requirements

Although we recommend using the most current version of any
Web browser when accessing Facts & Comparisons eAnswers,
the following are the minimum recommended browsers that support
the application:

  • Firefox 5.0 and above
  • Internet Explorer 7 or above*

*Internet Explorer 6 (Service Pack 3) can be used to access
Facts & Comparisons eAnswers with full functionality, but
there may be some visual display differences as the system is
not optimized for this older technology.

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