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Lexicomp® Online

A hospital-wide solution for pharmacists, physicians and nurses, Lexicomp Online provides clinicians access to three drug information resources within a single interface:

  • Lexicomp - provides clear, concise, point of care drug information, including dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines, and other tools. GSA scheduled.
  • Facts & Comparisons - supplies Trissel's 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database for IV compatibility, highly-regarded charts, tables and additional comparative information. GSA scheduled.
  • AHFS - offers an extensive research solution, recognized as a CMS compendium to assist in reimbursement

Databases and Decision Support Modules

Our wide array of databases enables users to quickly locate information on a complete range of topics, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric dosing and guidelines, IV compatibility, patient education, international drugs, infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation, and more.

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  • Faster Answers, Increased Efficiency - studies have shown that Lexicomp helps clinicians find answers faster to tough clinical questions faster than other commonly used drug information resources, increasing your institution's system-wide efficiency.
  • Facts & Comparisons Hospital Bundle - access the benefits of Lexicomp Online, plus additional, hospital-specific components of Facts & Comparisons. Learn More
  • Higher Satisfaction - a recent study ranks Lexicomp Online as the most preferred database by the majority of users, leaving customers more satisfied.
  • Broader Use - used throughout the entire hospital by all clinicians — pharmacists, physicians and nurses — and across the broadest range of smartphones and tablets.

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