When we’re sick or concerned for an ailing family member, we turn to nurses for compassion and a high standard of care to help us through difficult times. That’s why Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information provides tools that help manage a nurse’s busy schedule without sacrificing patient care.

Our concise and user-friendly nursing-focused content is available in mobile apps to help you quickly find answers to your drug and clinical questions and get back to helping patients. Together we can make a positive difference in patient care!

Here are some of the ways we help nurses like you:

  • Stay informed about safe pharmacotherapy with access to crucial drug information like dosing, interactions, and adverse reactions
  • Expand your knowledge of medications and conditions with nursing-focused content:
    • Dosing by patient population, including pediatric and neonatal, pregnancy and lactation, and geriatric
    • IV administration recommendations
    • Physical assessment and patient monitoring guidelines
  • Effectively counsel and educate patients and families with adult and pediatric patient education covering medications, conditions, procedures, discharge instructions, wellness and more
  • Feel confident that our information is unbiased and independently reviewed, without influence from third-party recommendations

Drug references for nurses are available in the following formats:

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