Whether you’re a hospital-based, retail or community pharmacist; working in a consultant role; or employed in managed care, Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information delivers exceptional solutions to serve you.

Our mobile apps provide you lightening quick, on-the-go access to drug information to support dispensing, patient safety screening, Medication Therapy Management, and more. Here are some of the ways we help pharmacists like you:

  • Access crucial drug information like dosing, interactions, and adverse reactions, with references to relevant studies
  • Use pharmacist-focused content to support your practice:
    • Color images and charts
    • Links to PubMed
    • Medical calculators
    • Timely drug shortage information
    • Special FDA Alerts/Black Box Warnings
    • Information on preparations
    • Comparative efficacy
  • Improve workflow with key features:
    • Customize monograph views
    • Reorder fields
    • Email monographs and patient education
    • Add user notes
  • Your personal info is safe — We don't take money from pharmaceutical companies, and we don't sell information about our users to anybody

Drug references for pharmacists are available in the following formats:

For more information on offerings and services specifically for pharmacists, please visit our store.

If you practice in a group setting or chain organization, take a look at our solutions for retail and community pharmacies.

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