Medi-Span Clinical

Bringing New Functionality and Enhanced Content to Your System

Medi-Span Clinical incorporates the latest Application Programming Interface (API) technology and new content that gives your system the flexibility to adapt more quickly to constantly evolving industry needs, and allows you to implement customizable "User Control" to manage alert fatigue by site, department or even the end-user level.

Incorporating a modern modular design, Medi-Span Clinical is designed to facilitate quick implementation that requires fewer resources and can help to improve overall processing speed. This allows you to focus more of your resources on interface design and less on the data structure underlying it.

Both your clinicians and development teams will embrace what Medi-Span Clinical has to offer.

Helps You Address Alert Fatigue

Medi-Span Clinical offers the ability to develop alert customization by site, department/group, or even by clinician. This "User Control" function enables you to allow for alerts to be turned off if they are not relevant to the user. Reduced noise and alert fatigue are further addressed through consolidation of common alerts, along with messages that are worded to be meaningful to a variety of clinician types.

Reduces Development Needs

The modern modular design is designed to eliminate unnecessary repeated development when APIs access common vocabularies. Additionally, each screening API follows a similar design so that you can efficiently reuse code with each successive API you implement.

  • Code Only Once to Core Vocabulary/Concept APIs
  • Code Only Once to Interoperability Vocabulary System
  • Reuse Code with Clinical Screening APIs

Enables Easier Loading and Maintenance

The Medi-Span Clinical Installer facilitates initial database loading and processing of ongoing updates.

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Supports Evolving Needs

The evolving healthcare environment makes it challenging for you to keep up with industry needs and requirements. With the modular design of Medi-Span Clinical, you can implement what you need when you need it, and can quickly adapt as new needs arise and new APIs are available.

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