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Medi-Span Drug Data Case Study: HighFiveRx

Community medication management application developer achieved 60 times faster searching functionality and doubled identification of drug errors by implementing Medi-Span drug data.

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Global Drug Information Resources Help Medical Center Achieve Efficiency and Related Goals

International Medical Center (IMC) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: “Paradigm shift” with Lexicomp Online and its custom formulary service.

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Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Helps Hospital Group Optimize MEDITECH EHR

RegionalCare Hospital Partners: Medi-Span drug data helps facilities achieve Meaningful Use.

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Hospital Meets Meaningful Use and Exceeds Expectations With Integrated Patient Education

Highlands Regional Medical Center: Integrated Patient Education helps increase clinicians’ use of EMR-integrated educational content from 52% to 88%.

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St. Joseph Hospital Enhances Communication, Efficiency with Wolters Kluwer Custom Formulary Database

Orange County, California, hospital uses Lexicomp Online and custom formulary database to improve data transfer and communication.

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King Faisal Hospital Helps Improve Patient Safety for a Decade with Lexicomp

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center: One of the first hospitals in its region to convert to online custom formulary and electronic drug information.

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Tawam Hospital Relies on Lexicomp to Help Improve Patient Safety

United Arab Emirates hospital helps improve formulary management and enhance care with Lexicomp Online.

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World-Renowned Pediatric Institution Turns to Lexicomp Online for Drug Information

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Lexicomp Online and customized online formulary used at every workstation.

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Supplying Drug Information to Rural Kenya

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital: Clinicians, students and patients use Lexicomp resources to help reduce medication errors.

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  • Speed to Market

    Medi-Span implementation support helped save me one month in speed to market and about $10,000 in development costs.

    Keith Streckenbach, CEO
    HighFive Health

  • Fast Results

    Medi-Span, in my view, beats everyone else. It helps you find twice as many drug errors – errors that would lead to readmission - in half the amount of time.

    Keith Streckenbach, CEO
    HighFive Health

  • [Clinical Drug Information] continually demonstrates leadership by addressing important retail pharmacy industry needs, satisfying customer requests, and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to providing quality data.

    Senior Vice President, Industry Relations, at PDX-NHIN-Rx.com

  • Medi-Span, in my view, beats everyone else. It helps you find twice as many drug errors – errors that would lead to readmission – in half the amount of time.

    Keith Streckenbach, CEO, HighFive Health

  • It [Medi-Span] allows for consistency across the company, industry, and clients.

    Manager from an insurance company

  • Pharmacists know and trust Lexicomp .. When you’re a frontline pharmacist, your customer is probably waiting on the line for an answer. The benefit of Lexicomp Online is you can pull up the information you want quickly and find the answer.

    Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, CA

  • [Medi-Span] allows us to provide features that our competitors do not have.

    Senior Developer from a healthcare software vendor

  • I’ve come to rely on Medi-Span. It’s the end-all, be-all when it comes to medication data.

    Manager of Clinical Systems for RegionalCare Hospitals Partners

  • [Medi-Span helps] reduce efforts of both physicians and pharmacists for build references about drug usage.

    Project Manager, Samsung Medical Center

  • We consider Medi-Span Price Rx an essential drug price reference and analysis tool. It provides us with up-to-date pricing, a trusted and commonly used drug product classification system, easy-to-use price analysis tools, and timely email data change alerts.

    Vice President Managed Health Care at Meda Pharmaceuticals

  • The best thing about Medi-Span Price Rx is the people behind the data and software. The customer support department is responsive, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. Meanwhile, the development team is continually updating and improving the product based on customer feedback.

    Pharmacist from Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

  • Every time I call or email [Clinical Drug Information] with a question, the service is like no other. I can't think of one single product that I have that continues to get better and better every year, except for Lexicomp Online. Ever since I started using Lexicomp, I can't imagine going to work as a pharmacist without it. I would be lost.


  • When we switched from our old drug information provider to Lexicomp Online, we saved over $40,000 annually. This is a significant amount of money for a 433-bed hospital. But it wasn't just about the money; the information and service from [Clinical Drug Information] have been phenomenal. We haven't missed the old program at all.

    Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator at Bay Medical Center