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Improve decision making at the point of care with fast, direct access to relevant drug content online or on mobile apps.

Fast access at the point of care.

Patient safety and improving outcomes are always the top priority in healthcare. That's why professionals need fast access to clear, concise, and clinically relevant drug information they can trust to help answer their questions and support their decision making.

Purchase handbooks and manuals on pharmacology, dental topics, pediatric treatment and more.

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Drug Data

Embedded into healthcare systems to support safer medication decisions and meeting market and regulatory demands.

An intelligent drug data backbone is essential to building a strong healthcare application. Our machine-readable drug data solutions optimize decision support to help improve patient safety and reduce medication errors. They also provide a deeper level of therapeutic classification than the industry standard.

Data solutions integrate seamlessly into EHRs and other healthcare applications, empowering your system to provide fast, sophisticated screening, efficient access to essential drug content, extensive drug pricing and reimbursement data, and standardized terminologies for interoperability.

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Wherever, whenever you need drug information, we've got you covered ... from patient care, to claims processing, and everything in-between.


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Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information partners with innovators and thought leaders around the country to explore hot healthcare topics through webinars, white papers and more.

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