In the News: Medication Costs Get in the Way of Patient Adherence

Monday, December 10, 2018

More than 40% of Americans said in a recent survey that they struggle to pay for their medications, with 33.3% reporting they’ve skipped filling a prescription at least once in the past year due to cost.

The survey was conducted in fall 2018 by GoodRx, which published the results in the recent article “Health Insurance Aside, Americans Still Struggle to Pay for Their Medications.” The article stresses that payment difficulties persist despite 94% of survey respondents having some form of health insurance, with 47.5% having coverage through an employer.

Among other significant findings, the article noted:

  • 42% described paying for medications as “somewhat" or "very difficult”
  • 36% said their prescription costs have gone up in the past year
  • 19% had to dip into savings to afford medications
  • 18% reported having difficulties affording necessities due to medication expenses

To learn more, read the full article.

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