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Used by over 43,000 customers across the healthcare continuum, Medi-Span offers embedded drug information to power medication decisions within healthcare applications.

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Medi-Span® Price Rx® is a comprehensive drug pricing analysis tool that provides 35 years of trusted Medi-Span content in a powerful online application. Medi-Span has a recognized history of receiving early notice of updated drug pricing. Due to its large industry user base, you can have confidence knowing that our pricing data has the depth and relevance you demand when making vital business decisions. A subscription to Price Rx means you are using relevant, quality, comprehensive market driven pricing data. When paired with our tools and capabilities, you can begin to make confident decisions for higher revenues.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Show

Every day hundreds of pharmaceutical manufacturers use Price Rx for competitive intelligence, brand and market management, price tracking and forecasting, and monitoring new drug launches.

Price Rx provides key information needed to answer these important business decisions:

  • What are my competitors doing today? What new players are in the market?
  • Based on historical behavior, when will my competitor change prices?
  • How does the industry view my drugs? What GPI class? Brand versus generic?

Medi-Span Exclusives

  • Brand Probability data assists in making brand verses generic determinations for competitor products
  • 35 years of historical pricing data
  • Average Average Wholesale Price (AAWP), Generic Equivalent Average Price (GEAP), Average WAC (AWAC), and Generic Equivalent WAC (GEWAC)

PBMs Show

What is your current method for trending and validating your prescription drug spread? Help achieve accuracy by ensuring you and the manufacturers are using the same data. It's no surprise that hundreds of PBMs use Price Rx for formulary management, price tracking, analysis, reporting, therapy cost comparisons, and monitoring new drug launches.

Formulary Tools

Save time!

  • Easily construct multiple formulary lists using over 30 product and pricing criteria, including therapeutic class, Orange Book codes, drug application type, pricing thresholds, multi-source codes, and packaging attributes
  • Generate formulary lists by importing existing NDC and GPI lists from external files

Quick and Efficient Analysis!

  • Enables you to create drug formularies at various levels of specificity, depending on your needs, based on the Medi-Span GPI/TCS (Therapeutic Classification System)

Payers Show

Both prescription drug usage and costs are rising. Be confident you are doing everything in your power to keep your costs down. By using the same data that 96% of U.S. based PBMs use to process claims, you can gain true transparency into what your prescription drug costs should be.

Other health insurance customers rave about their ability to gain pricing insight never thought possible:

  • Validate current prices for contracting departments
  • Verify brand/generic status for formulary development and maintenance
  • Received notifications of new products entering the market
  • Set up reimbursement tiers for medications
  • Determine level of payment to pharmacies
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