Drug Data Solutions

Healthcare professionals need a smart decision support solution to help them improve patient safety, reduce medication errors, and streamline medication review, claims processing and more. Our drug data solutions integrate seamlessly into EHRs and other healthcare applications to provide fast, sophisticated, context-sensitive, and patient-specific screening, as well as efficient access to essential drug and drug pricing content.

Embedded Drug Data/Medication Decision Support

Our drug data solutions provide health systems, HIS/EMR vendors, clinicians, pharmacists, payers and pharmaceutical companies with a broad array of application-specific drug information designed to increase their workflow efficiency and help them enhance patient care. Content is available as flat file databases and as application programming interface (API) tools to help ease the burden of programming and development.

Drug data must be relevant and helpful to clinicians, and that's why we provide the means to reduce the "noise" of unwanted alerts that can overwhelm healthcare professionals and interrupt workflow.

Why do prominent healthcare companies prefer Medi-Span?

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