Content Areas

Core Drug Data

The foundation for building your database. These files provide prescription and over-the-counter drug product data, including: drug name, strength, therapeutic class, drug pricing, National Drug Code (NDC) or Canadian Drug Identification Number (DIN), our proprietary Generic Product Identifier (GPI), and more.

Pricing & Reimbursement

We provide a wide variety of pricing concepts, including AWP and WAC, and trusted reimbursement attributes so you can confidently make decisions.

Dosing Data

Be equipped with detailed information needed to screen today's more precise drug doses. These offerings consider many patient-specific, clinically relevant parameters, ranging from age and patient weight, to renal function, indication and special conditions.

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Drug Attributes

These files contain additional drug attributes not included elsewhere, such as brand/generic probability, drug images, drug status, and inactive dates.

Patient Education Resources

These offerings provide consumer-level patient education resources to aid in medication therapy management (MTM), medication adherence, Meaningful Use requirements, and improved health literacy.

Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing is swiftly becoming a requirement for most clinicians, not an option. These files will help in the development of an e-prescribing or CPOE module.

Patient Safety

We understand that safely treating your patients is of utmost priority which is why we have created files specifically designed to help healthcare professionals. These offerings help support development of safety initiatives by alerting professionals of drugs and therapies requiring surveillance, as well as potentially confusing abbreviations.

Clinical Screening

Intelligent information helps healthcare professionals use data within their workflow to support safe decision making. Taking available patient parameters, current diagnoses and medications into account, these offerings alert healthcare professionals to potential conflicts, enhancing patient safety.


Map to standard terminologies to facilitate communication between various healthcare facilities and data sources. Mappings help you meet reporting requirements for Meaningful Use/ Promoting Interoperability and other government mandates.

Hazardous Drug Handling

Millions of healthcare workers are exposed to hazardous drugs every year, putting them at increased risk of health and reproductive issues. We provide a streamlined solution to help you identify these drugs in your system and content to help you protect workers from unwanted exposure and comply with USP <800> regulations for safe handling, storage, and more of hazardous drugs.

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Data Analytics

In a world full of data, better informed decisions are waiting to be discovered … but only if your data can be standardized, analyzed, and provide meaningful value. Medi-Span supports real-world evidence, big data analytics, and more with better business intelligence.

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These offerings enable you to program appropriate options for selection in drop-down application menus to help reduce entry errors and aid in reporting standardization.

Medication Therapy Management Toolkit

Identifying drugs covered by Medicare Part D and their pricing can be complex. Information from CMS is constantly changing. In addition, counseling those patients taking a wide variety of medications can be challenging for busy pharmacists. Identify, target and reach at-risk customers who could benefit from MTM services and help complete broad and in-depth medication reviews with our drug information.

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Interchangeability & Biosimilars

The introduction of biosimilar drugs to the market brings new challenges for grouping and reporting on these products and determining if they are rated Interchangeable or Biosimilar. We provide data and identifiers to help prepare you for the growth of biosimilars.

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Integrated Reference

Get instant access to trusted drug information references conveniently within your workflow. Clinical Drug Information reference solutions integrate with EMRs and other healthcare applications, providing context-specific links to relevant drug content to help your organization pursue various compliance requirements and support efficient decision making.

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