Medication Therapy Management Resources

Master the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) workflow with aligned, interrelated drug information resources

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information provides a collection of offerings to help pharmacies, PBMs and payers efficiently manage Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services. The MTM Toolkit is composed of integrated drug databases and drug reference offerings from Clinical Drug Information applications Medi-Span, Facts & Comparisons, and Lexicomp to assist your organization or business in the performance of various MTM activities.

What is MTM?

Introduced in 2000, MTM fosters collaboration between pharmacists and patients who take multiple medications and/or have multiple chronic conditions. Through monitoring and counseling, healthcare professionals work with patients to achieve safer and more effective therapeutic outcomes. It is also a cost-effective approach to medication-related services: According to a University of Minnesota case study*, the reduction in total annual health expenditures related to MTM services exceeded the cost of providing those services by more than 12 to 1!

What’s in the Toolkit and how can it help with MTM?

Customers can choose some or all of these tools from the MTM Toolkit:

Databases & APIs

Reference Solutions

Choose a reference solution to aid in patient counseling and provide information on dosing, side effects, indication and more for Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR):


  • Help your patients/beneficiaries understand the goals of therapy, encouraging better medication adherence
  • Help save costs and reduce hospital readmissions through improved outcomes
  • Aid in completion of CMS-required Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR)
  • Increase rates of satisfaction and help positively impact CMS Star Ratings
  • Cultivate better communication and increased trust between patients/beneficiaries and your organization and providers

* Brian Isetts, Stephen Schondelmeyer, et al. “Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Medication Therapy Management Services: The Minnesota Experience.” JAPhA, March-April 2008; Vol. 48, No. 2.