Delivery Options

How am I going to receive my database updates?

To answer that question, you should understand what options are available to you.

Flexible Delivery Options

What File Type?

Medi-Span® databases are available for customers in a variety of file types. Initially, each customer will receive a full database, or "total", for each database licensed. This will serve as the initial data load to populate data fields. After this initial delivery, customers have a file type option.

Medi-Span® offers its data file updates as either a "Total Database" or as an "Incremental Update". Selection of the full database option offers a complete replacement of the file on each delivery made to you.

An Incremental Update provides only those records with new, changed, or deleted data after the initial load has been performed. Please note that any database licensed for receipt of an update on a daily frequency is only available as an incremental update, not as a full database.

What file type a customer receives is their choice. However, there are benefits to receiving an Incremental Update versus a Total Database.

  • Incremental Updates require less time to process
  • Incremental Updates facilitate electronic delivery
  • Incremental Updates require less disk space if a database comparison is required prior to applying the current update
  • Incremental Updates include only the changed data
  • Incremental Updates allow creation of history files with updates by storing and replacing the updated fields

What Delivery Method?

All customers are set up for web delivery. If you would like to be able to download your file from our site,, you simply need to contact customer support to obtain a site login and password. If at any time you have delivery questions simply contact customer support.