Drug Interaction & Allergy Screening

Help Improve Patient Outcomes through Medication Screening

Offerings provide drug interaction and drug allergy content to enable workflow-based screening during order entry by prescribers or pharmacists.

What It Does for Your Business

  • Helps enhance patient safety by enabling screening for potential drug interactions and drug-allergy conflicts
  • Assists in clinical decision making with information addressing clinical issues and medical studies regarding potential patient risks
  • Offers flexibility in drug interaction screening with one or multiple filtering options
  • Supports drug allergy screening, when the patient profile captures allergies, with multiple, varied vocabularies
  • Provides content from Medicare’s opioid-benzodiazepine Published Interaction List to help pursue compliance with CMS regulations for alerts of concurrent use of these drugs
  • Allows for the inclusion or exclusion of high-risk interactions between opioids and other Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant drugs
  • Assists in empowering patients with fully referenced consumer information that can help them better understand their medications and identify potentially dangerous interactions

What It Provides

  • Drug-drug, drug-food, and drug-alcohol interaction screening
  • Severity information that clarifies the potential clinical consequences of a drug interaction
  • Management information that describes clinical management of a drug interaction
  • Documentation level that provides the quantity and quality of information supporting the drug interaction
  • Contraindications/avoidance information that provides additional information and screening criteria for drug interactions
  • Route and schedule of administration specificity for drug interactions to reduce unnecessary interaction alerts
  • Drug interactions also identified by ONC/RAND, Pharmacy Quality Alliance, and Arizona Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERT) lists
  • Prior Adverse Reaction (PAR) functionality that differentiates between drug allergies and drug cross-sensitivities
  • Drug allergy screening by allergen class, ingredient, or product
  • Ability to select “CNS Depressant” category, which activates alerts for high-risk drug-drug interactions between two or three classes of drugs likely to affect the central nervous system (e.g., opioids, benzodiazepines, central muscle relaxants, gabapentinoids, etc.)
  • Referenced text monographs for professionals and patients

Delivery and Required Solutions

Delivery Options


  • API: Medi-Span Clinical Drug Interactions API with CNS Depressant Interactions Power Pack and Medi-Span Clinical Drug Allergy API
    (Also available via Web services)
  • Flat File: Drug Therapy Monitoring System v3.0


  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Why Medi-Span?

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Hundreds of customers see 50% or greater increase in productivity with Medi-Span

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Reasons Customers Chose and Stay


  • Speed to Market

    Medi-Span implementation support helped save me one month in speed to market and about $10,000 in development costs.

    Keith Streckenbach, CEO
    HighFive Health

  • Fast Results

    Medi-Span, in my view, beats everyone else. It helps you find twice as many drug errors – errors that would lead to readmission - in half the amount of time.

    Keith Streckenbach, CEO
    HighFive Health

  • Competitive Advantage

    (Medi-Span) allows us to provide features that our competitors do not have.

    Senior developer from a healthcare software vendor

  • Valuable Resource

    As a claims processor, we rely on Medi-Span and its wealth of drug information to forecast and price claims for our clients. Medi-Span is the go-to (application) that is recognized across the industry for (manufacturer-provided) drug information. They have innovative tools and excellent customer service that will go above and beyond to provide the best available solution.

    Healthcare vendor systems analyst

  • Valuable Support

    Medi-Span implementation support helped save me one month in speed to market and about $10,000 in development costs.”

    Keith Streckenbach, CEO HighFive Health

  • Consistent Pricing Data

    It is the source for the benchmark prices consistently used in the PBM industry and the tool we use to hold PBMs accountable to their pricing promises to our employers.

    Insurance company senior actuarial consultant

  • Business Essential

    Business cannot survive without Medi-Span data.

    Fortune 500 PBM clinical pharmacist

  • Key Content

    Only reliable published resource for (manufacturer-provided) AWP. (Medi-Span proprietary) GPI is therapeutic classification system of choice. It is very enabling, as clinical management rules are easily articulated.

    Chief Pharmacy Officer from a PBM

  • Provides Confidence

    Even in an era where data abounds, there is a terrific amount of uncertainty. People want confidence that what they are seeing is (based on) real (manufacturer-provided information) – Medi-Span provides that confidence.

    Health plan executive

  • Unifying Data

    (Medi-Span) allows for consistency across the company, industry and clients.

    Manager from an insurance company

  • Timely and Relevant

    The Medi-Span database allows our system to have the latest and most current information available. It is especially needed for package information, interaction checking, and clinical printing.

    Executive from a healthcare software vendor

  • Strong Foundation

    This is a foundational piece that is used throughout the organization in many systems and is often used to connect data from multiple systems.

    Systems analyst from a top-grossing PBM


Who is Clinical Drug Information?

With the move to team-based care, conflicting data can lead to actual conflicts – from disparity in business decisions to confusion in communication. We research, validate, and synthesize content to show the right data to right people at the right time. With content developed in a consistent manner across all platforms and resources, your team receives aligned drug information no matter when or how they access it. This helps:

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce confusion
  • Enhance patient care

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