Medi-Span® Generic Product Identifier (GPI)

A unique concept with a long-proven track record, the GPI is capable of identifying drug products by a hierarchical therapeutic classification system

Featuring 14 characters for a level of granularity unprecedented in the industry, the Medi-Span GPI allows you to group, sort, search, match, map, and screen.

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How is the Medi-Span GPI used?

  • Can group identical, similar (same ingredient, different "sigs"), or unique drugs for medication reconciliation
  • Allows users to delve deeper into drug allergy considerations by going beyond ingredient to also take into account strength and route of administration
  • Impacts the specificity of clinical screening by taking into account contraindications specific to dosage form or route of administration
  • Supports formulary development and maintenance
  • Maps to NDCs, UPCs, and HRIs to support interoperability and information exchange
  • Enables automated NDC inclusion/exclusion without ongoing, routine maintenance
  • Helps standardize drug lists to overcome problems created by different medication spellings and lexicons submitted from differing providers, pharmacies, and payers, simplifying comparisons

Why is the Medi-Span GPI unique?

Unlike other leading drug data solutions that assign drug products a static number, the GPI's characters mean something.

  • 14-character value structure allows for the creation of complex drug lists with any level of granularity
  • It ties to the Medi-Span proprietary generic product packaging code to help with purchasing decisions
  • After decades of development, it is the standard within healthcare IT
  • Ongoing surveillance of industry data allows us to regularly update GPIs to reflect the changing healthcare landscape

So, what does this mean for you?

Simply put, specificity and speed.

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