Web Services Data Delivery

Web-based platform allows your system to quickly access drug data and streamlines your development process

What Is Web Services?

Web Services is a data delivery option providing a Web-based platform that allows your system to quickly access Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information's clinical decision support databases in a way that promotes interoperability and streamlines your development process.

What It Does for Your Business

  • Fast access to the most current information available to help you provide the best patient care possible
  • Connects you to our most updated medication data, eliminating the need for weekly or monthly data load updates
  • Faster implementation – we host the content, so your organization saves time, requires less infrastructure, and experiences fewer demands on your development environment
  • Flexibility – allows customization of the display of our content to suit your needs and helps improve efficiency
  • Simplifies the process of managing communication between your system and other systems operating in different hardware and software environments, which facilitates interoperability with other healthcare record systems
  • Ideal data solution for organizations launching new programs or redoing system architecture

Solutions with Available Web Services Delivery

Phonetic Search
Medi-Span Clinical APIs & web services now support phonetic search capability. This enables customers to search using the pronunciation of words and receive results related to the intended term. This provides a more efficient and effective experience while looking for drug, disease and clinical information.