Drug Reference

When clinicians have drug information questions, our drug reference solutions are available at the point of care, providing fast access to clear, concise and relevant drug content ranging from dosing and clinical decision support, to comparative drug tables, retail-focused information and drug product pricing. Our drug reference solutions contain rigorously reviewed, unbiased information that is free of pharmaceutical company influence. Learn more about our editorial philosophy and process.


Our online applications include the following solutions:

  • Lexicomp Online - Provides clear, concise, point-of-care drug information, including dosing, administration, interactions screening, warnings and precautions, and pharmacogenomics, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines and other interactive tools. GSA scheduled.
  • Lexicomp® Online for Community Pharmacy - Designed for use at the point of care by busy pharmacists, Lexicomp Online for Community Pharmacy is an easy-to-use drug information resource designed to help you find answers quickly. We supply access to adult, geriatric, and pediatric drug information, including timely prescription, OTC, and herbal product information in an intuitive user interface that increases efficiency and helps you enhance medication safety. Save time for your pharmacists with our online reference and mobile apps.
  • Facts & Comparisons eAnswers - Interactive drug information solution features common sense navigation and tools largely geared for the retail pharmacy setting. It is known throughout the industry for its more than 6,000 comparative tables. It also provides fast online access to extensive pharmacology data, a drug interaction screening tool, a product availability tool, detailed immunization content and tables, detailed REMS summaries, and other clinical and commercial features.
  • Price Rx - Medi-Span Price Rx is the industry's leading online drug pricing analysis and reference tool.
  • Lexicomp Online for Dentistry - The dental industry's only online drug and clinical reference, featuring dental-specific drug information, drug interactions screening, oral lesion diagnosis, electronic prescribing, and more.

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Integrated Drug References

Through HL7 Infobutton or other links within your healthcare application, you can instantly access valuable pharmacology content and patient education resources. Integration helps improve workflow efficiency for clinicians and other healthcare professionals and supports Meaningful Use requirements.

Mobile Apps

Get mobile access to the extensive Lexicomp drug information knowledge base – and to your hospital's formulary with a site-wide license for smartphone/tablet apps. Healthcare professionals can quickly and conveniently access Lexicomp on the go and find answers to clinical questions 24/7. Lexicomp Mobile Apps content is stored directly on the device, providing uninterrupted access to drug information even in situations when your device may have weak or no signal. Mobile apps are available on Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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Through the years, Lexicomp and Facts & Comparisons have built relationships with hundreds of authors and consultant editors from the healthcare professions who help construct and validate our trusted printed resources, including handbooks and manuals geared for pharmacists, physicians and other prescribers, nurses and advanced practice nurses, dental professionals, and students.

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