Subscriptions for iPhone, iPad and iPod Devices

Lexicomp drug information databases and modules are available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Mobile apps are tailored to meet the point-of-care needs of pharmacists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and dentists by storing content directly on the mobile device. Continually updated Lexicomp mobile drug information and clinical content is a must for the busy healthcare professional who needs fast, easy tools to support important medication and clinical decisions on the go! Download your Lexicomp drug information mobile app from the app store.

In addition to buying mobile app subscriptions directly from Wolters Kluwer, iOS device users can also subscribe through the App Store or in-app purchasing.

If you purchase or renew Lexi-COMPLETE through the Apple Store or in-app purchasing, you will be charged for a monthly subscription. Apple will automatically bill $30 a month to whatever method of payment is associated with your Apple ID. For more information, contact Apple Support.

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For new iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users, iOS9 or higher is required to download the app.

Recent Enhancements

Several new enhancements have made Lexicomp references on iOS devices even better:

  • Additions to Patient Education Module – Added more than 3,700 patient education leaflets on additional topics including diseases/conditions, procedures, natural products, discharge instructions, and healthy living topics.
  • Enhanced REMS Content – Lexi-Drugs core drug information database now includes links in relevant monographs to additional Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) information to support safe treatment decisions.
  • New Nursing Information Field – More than 1,500 monographs in the Lexi-Drugs core drug information database now include the Nursing Physical Assessment Monitoring field, which features concise information for the bedside nurse indicating parameters to monitor, test, and report.
  • Updates to Infectious Diseases Database – The Diagnostic Test/Procedures field in monographs in the Infectious Diseases database has been renamed Laboratory Testing/Diagnostic Procedures. The field now contains links to the Lab Teat & Diagnostic Procedures database to connect users to updated, more detailed information. The Infectious Disease database also features a new Pharmacologic Category field to provide links to a list of drugs within the same therapeutic class(es).
  • Updates to Interact Module - Improved results now display results for allergy checking and duplicate therapy checking, alongside drug interactions. Allergy checking functionality is from Medi-Span.
  • Off-Label Database - A new database summarizing more than 1200 off-label medication uses, along with level-of-evidence ratings. Available at no extra charge with Lexi-Drugs.
  • More Drug Images - More drug images - Expanded drug identification database with over 17,000 images drawn from Medi-Span,a leader in drug information.
  • Improved Drug ID Interface - New single-screen search interface and tiled results for faster searching.
  • Addition of Trissel's IV compatibility information - The IV Compatibility module now incorporates the Trissel's™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database by Lawrence A. Trissel.