Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information will provide Trissel's™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database by Lawrence A. Trissel as our exclusive IV Compatibility solution.

The new Trissel's IV Compatibility Module for your Lexicomp Mobile App features:

  • Real-time updates as new content is available
  • Search by drug and by IV solution
  • In-depth content on the properties of more than 850 drugs and solutions
  • Over 76,500 compatibility results
  • Results supported by more than 4,700 unique references
  • Easy, intuitive access within the Lexicomp App helps improve workflow efficiencies

Please note: Your current mobile IV Compatibility resource, the King Guide® for Parenteral Admixtures™, will be removed from your subscription on November 29, 2016. Please update your app prior to that date to avoid interruption in accessing your IV Compatibility resource.

Actions You Must Take: You can begin using the Trissel's IV Compatibility Module at any time. Before you do so, you will need to ensure you have updated your Lexicomp mobile to version 3.0.0, and you will need to download the Trissel's Clinical Pharmaceutical Database. Step by step instructions are below.

STEP ONE - Checking Your App Version: To check what app version you have, open the app and tap the "Application Info" selection on the home page.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 1

STEP TWO - Updating Your App: If you need to update your app to version 3.0.0, go to the appropriate app store (Apple App Store for iOS; either Google App Store or Amazon App Store for Android). Then search for "Lexicomp" and follow the instructions to update your app.

STEP THREE - Downloading the Trissel's Clinical Pharmaceutical Database: Finally, you will need to download the Trissel's Clinical Pharmaceutical Database. To do this, open the app and select the "Update" icon from the home screen.

NOTE: iOS users, please close and relaunch your Lexicomp App

IV Compatibility Screenshot 2

You will see a list of databases that are available in your subscription library. If you are using app version 3.0.0 and IV Compatibility is part of your subscription, you should see a listing for Trissel's Clinical Pharmaceutical Database.

Select and update this database. NOTE: This database is large and may take several minutes to update. We recommend using a stable wi-fi connection to update, if possible.

Once the database has been downloaded, you will be able to use the Trissel's IV Compatibility Module.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 3

Using the Trissel's IV Compatibility Module

To access the IV Compatibility Module, open the Lexicomp app and select the IV Compatibility icon from the home page.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 4

If you have more than one IV Compatibility database downloaded on your app, you may be prompted to make a selection. To use the Trissel's IV Compatibility Module, select the Trissel's IV Compatibility option when prompted.

NOTE: iOS users, you will be prompted to choose a database at the beginning of each mobile app session. If you wish to choose a different module, close down your app and open it again. You will then be prompted to make the selection again. Android users, look for a “Select Database” option in the menu on the IV Compatibility Module to change the database anytime.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 5

Once you have opened Trissel's IV Compatibility Module, you can add drugs and solutions for analysis. You can analyze one or more drugs and one or more solutions at the same time. You must enter at least one drug, but solutions are optional.

To add a drug, tap the "Add Drug" line. To add a solution, tap the "Add Solution" line. To Analyze the results, tap the "Analyze" button in the upper right hand corner.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 6

If you analyze a single drug by itself, the module will show ALL compatibility monographs related to that drug.

If you analyze one or more drugs with each other, or with one or more solutions, the module will show only the compatibility monographs related to the drugs and solutions you have selected.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 7

As seen here, results will be grouped by Y-Site, Admixture, Solution, and Syringe (where appropriate). Each pair is show separately along with an icon that summarizes the compatibility information known about the pair.

The symbol key is as follows:

IV Compatibility Screenshot 8

To learn more about each pair, simply tap the line. This will pull up a list of specific studies related to the compatibility of each pair. You can then open individual studies to read more detailed information. A partial example of study results is shown below.

IV Compatibility Screenshot 9

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