Integrated Facts & Comparisons

Single-click Access to Drug Information through HL7 Infobutton technology

How Does the Integrated Facts & Comparisons Infobutton Work?

The Infobutton for Facts & Comparisons eAnswers is an HL7-compliant technology portal that enables single-click access to our trusted drug information references. With just one click, our Infobutton can retrieve context-sensitive search results from your Facts & Comparisons subscription. Infobutton eliminates the need to log in and out of an additional application and helps you perform a quick search of our drug information based on the link you clicked from within your workflow application. Infobutton makes it even easier and faster to access valuable Facts & Comparisons decision support:

  • Link from within your pharmacy workflow application to Facts & Comparisons eAnswers, providing access to complete search results and browsing capability
  • Request a drug monograph, monograph subsection, or complete search results by National Drug Code (NDC), Universal Product Code (UPC), Health Related Item Code (HRI), Generic Product Identifier (GPI), or RxNorm code
  • Access trusted Drug Facts and Comparisons route-specific monographs detailing a specific drug’s indications, possible interactions, adverse effects, and dosage recommendations
  • Retrieve route-specific drug information or complete search results

What It Does for Your Business

  • Helps increase efficiency by providing seamless integration of Facts & Comparisons eAnswers into workflow applications and simplifying access to drug information by eliminating the need to log in/log out
  • Supports decision making by providing relevant and useful drug information
  • Saves time by providing direct access to drug information within the workflow, helping free up more time for healthcare professionals to spend with patients
  • Helps healthcare professionals reduce the risk of medication errors by enabling easier access to relevant reference information at the point of care

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