Facts & Comparisons Decision Support Modules

The blue Clinical Decision Tool Bar across the top of every page provides access to clinical tools designed to help busy pharmacists and other professionals save time researching, calculating, or analyzing to support their safe medication decisions.

Product Availability

Quickly check product availability and find potential generic alternative options to help you make more informed and cost-effective dispensing decisions.

  • Search for products with the same active ingredient, dose form, route of administration, and strength
  • Includes Orange Book AB ratings


Perform patient drug allergy, precautions, and drug interaction screening, as well as check for potential duplicate therapy issues.

  • Allows easy entry of allergies for screening
  • Obtain drug interactions and precautions data for disease states and pregnancy/lactation based on the patient’s medication history, age, sex, and other attributes
  • Desired screening attributes can be selected, allowing the user to review only what they want to see:
    • Summary information provided, with links to more detailed information when needed

Drug ID

Access image and imprint information on nearly 15,000 products to quickly identify unknown medications.

  • ID drugs by entering visual characteristics:
    • Imprint
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Scoring
    • NDC code
    • Manufacturer
    • Brand or generic name
  • A summary report contains thumbnail images that expand for a fuller view and NDC information, with links to detailed product information


Includes a collection of more than 100 medical calculators covering:

  • Dosing
  • Conversions
  • Infusion rates
  • Toxicology
  • Other general medical calculations

Drug Comparisons

Help strengthen decision making by comparing potential drug therapies or drug products with this interactive comparison table tool. Use standard class monograph tables or build your own by selecting up to four drugs to compare side-by-side.

  • Options to view comparisons include a side-by-side monograph view or by comparing data points with the data view
  • Drugs can be entered by brand name, generic name, or NDC number
  • Set up filters to only see the information you want to review
  • Quickly compare indications, adverse reactions, drug-drug and drug-food interactions, contraindications/ precautions, and pregnancy warnings
  • Summary information provided, with links to more detailed information when needed

Drug Reports

Quickly connect to information to support medication decisions based on known conditions and symptoms. Search for drugs using any one or a combination of the following parameters:

  • Drugs that are indicated or not indicated for a specific condition
  • Drugs that are contraindicated or not contraindicated for a specific condition
  • Drugs that may or may not cause a specified adverse reaction

Patient Education

Provides access to printable adult and pediatric medication leaflets to supplement verbal counseling received at the time of dispensing, help educate your patients, and improve treatment compliance.

  • Available in English and Spanish

Optional Add-on Modules

Expanded Patient Education Module Options

Reach a wider variety of patients by enhancing your patient education module with the following options:

  • Leaflets available in up to 19 languages
  • Disease/procedure, discharge and natural product leaflets
  • Ability to create and save packets
  • Print in different sizes and add cover sheets

Drug Plans

Provides access to drug plan formulary information on more than 5,500 prescription drug plans from across the United States.

  • Includes Medicare and Medicaid
  • Information includes formulary status, relative price, prior authorization, classifications, policies, and more
  • Module accessible from the blue toolbar at the top of every page

Formulary Monograph Service

Access the key resource for reviewing recently released and investigational drugs.

  • Provides detailed drug monographs, targeted to the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, including access to past reviews
  • Module accessible from the blue toolbar at the top of every page

Trissel's™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database by Lawrence A. Trissel (IV Compatibility)

Provides compatibility and stability information for parenteral medications.

  • Create a compatibility chart assessing multiple drugs and solutions
  • View all compatibility information for a single drug
  • Display other drug properties
  • IV Compatibility module accessible from the blue toolbar at the top of every page

Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference™

Written by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain staff, this resource includes:

  • Information on 6,800 drugs and other substances of interest in medicine
  • Information on more than 181,000 proprietary preparations from 40 countries and regions
  • Chemical/molecular drug structures
  • Verified contact information on 15,000 manufacturers