Integrated Lexicomp

Your institution can integrate and access Lexicomp Online professional drug monographs within clinical workflow applications to help meet Meaningful Use requirements. Integrated Lexicomp allows your clinicians instant access to our trusted Lexicomp Online resources to support decision making from within various EMR functions or from decision support alerts. You can integrate Lexicomp Online by the following methods:

HL7 Infobutton

Link simply and directly to Lexicomp content from within your EMR without losing the look or feel of Lexicomp Online. HL7-compliant Infobuttons offer one-click links to relevant, context-specific content within the familiar, user-friendly Lexicomp interface.

Web Services

Web services software applications allow communication between your system and Clinical Drug Information's Lexicomp databases, without time-consuming custom coding, so that your institution can have access to our data and tailor how it is delivered to your team. Our Web service platform is compatible with .NET and Java and does not require the use of browsers or HTML. It allows your institution to retrieve Lexicomp reference content and customize how it will be used and displayed within your system. Your request for the content can be output as XML in the Atom feed format, JSON, or JSONP, and it is processed and returned in real time. Every call for content will connect you to the most recently updated information.

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Flat Files

A flat file offers Lexicomp content as a plain text or a binary database file. Your institution can download the initial file and subsequent updates from our FTP site and use its data when programming your EMR or other clinical applications.