Lexicomp Online for Community Pharmacy

Lexicomp drug information references provide busy retail pharmacists with an extensive, easy-to-use pharmacological resource for the point of care. Lexicomp Online for Community Pharmacy features intuitive navigation, drug monographs, and drug interaction screenings to help retail pharmacists increase efficiency and improve workflow throughout the pharmacy. Pharmacists also access our trusted, time-saving content on their smartphones and tablets as their on-the-go resource for drug and clinical information.

Lexicomp Online for Community Pharmacy offers online access to real-time drug information within an easy-to-use interface. This clear, concise resource is designed to connect you to drug answers quickly and efficiently, providing pharmacists with timely and relevant drug information.


  • Designed for quick access and ease of use!
    • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
    • Fast answers
    • FREE training and support
  • A wide-ranging resource at an exceptional value!
  • Extensive drug information
  • Powerful drug interaction analysis
  • Available on multiple delivery platforms


Drug Information

Pharmacists can access content that addresses a range of patient populations and includes multiple fields of information per monograph, including Adverse Reactions, Canadian Brand Names, Contraindications, Dosing, Drug Pricing, Medication Safety Issues, Pharmacodynamics and Kinetics, Special Alerts (including new FDA warnings), plus International Brand Names from over 100 countries.

Drug Interactions

The Lexicomp drug interactions database allows end users to review a detailed list of interactions for a selected medication or enter a patient-specific regimen to analyze for potential interactions/alerts. They can also obtain a summary of drug interactions along with an assigned risk rating and appropriate patient management steps.

Drug Identification

Quickly identify unknown medications based on imprint, dosage form, shape, and color with the drug identification tool.

Drug Reports

The Drug Reports tool allows healthcare professionals to quickly search for information on medications by known conditions and symptoms. Users can search for drugs by one or a combination of specified parameters, including indications, contraindications, and adverse events, to help decide whether medications should be ruled in or out of treatment plans. For additional information on each medication, users can link to Lexi-Drugs core drug information monographs from the generated list.

Natural Products

This Natural Products database provides clinicians in-depth information on over 400 commonly used natural products. Peer reviewed by an expert panel, monographs include in-line referencing and information on dosage, source, adverse reactions, uses and pharmacology, toxicology, pregnancy/lactation and other key information.

Poisoning & Toxicology

End users can assess, diagnose and determine treatment for the most commonly encountered exposures to poisons and non-toxic agents, as well as antidotes/decontaminants, household products, toxicology-specific calculators, and drug identification.

Lab Test & Diagnostic Procedures

The lab and diagnostic database provides background on laboratory tests, radiological, and medical procedures. Information on patient preparation, specimen collection/handling and clinical test result interpretation within numerous clinical areas and diagnostic disciplines is also included.


With more than 130 clinical calculators, this tool allows end users to quickly generate calculations addressing adult and pediatric dosing, organ function analysis, conversions, and many others.

Optional Add-on Resources

  • Drug Plans - Lexi-Drug Plans provides the formulary status of medications and other plan-specific information for more than 5,500 prescription drug plans and may be customized, managed and edited by an on-site client administrator.
  • AHFS Content - The AHFS DI® Essentials™ and AHFS Drug Information® databases provide deepening levels of information, enhancing the clear, concise, point-of-care Lexicomp content. Links to AHFS DI Essentials and AHFS DI provide seamless access to off-label uses, role in therapy/comparative efficacy review, more than 70,000 uniquely-cited references and 500,000 references to primary research.
  • The 5-Minute Clinical Consult - Based on the popular print title, this database provides extensive and structured information covering more than 900 medical conditions, diseases, and procedures, as well as 30 treatment algorithms. Designed to provide access to diagnosis and treatment information, it's a valuable resource for the busy practitioner, resident, or student.
  • Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference™ - Martindale offers information on medications from more than 40 countries. Included in Martindale are 16,300 drug monographs, 181,000 proprietary preparations, 40,700 references, and 14,700 manufacturers' details.
  • Formulary Decision Support Module - A suite in-depth content to help support formulary and clinical decisions, including Drug Comparative Efficacy and Role in Therapy content to review studies for individual drugs and drug classes, Drug Comparisons tool including data tables, drug class monographs, and Formulary Monograph Service for information on recently released and investigational drugs.
  • Adult & Pediatric Patient Education Leaflets - End users can create and print a personalized packet of leaflets covering the topics necessary for educating patients and helping improve compliance. In order to accommodate a diverse population, this information is available in up to 19 languages.

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