Facts & Comparisons Off-Label Database

In-depth content on off-label uses plus valuable context from trusted resource, Facts & Comparisons®

Lexicomp offerings have grown even stronger by incorporating rich, evidence-based content from other trusted Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information applications, including the highly regarded pharmacy-focused resources of Facts & Comparisons.

With the inclusion of the industry-leading Facts & Comparisons Off-Label database, hundreds of drug monographs in Lexicomp Online and Lexicomp Mobile Apps feature an off-label uses field providing quick information on more than 2400 off-label uses, along with therapy statements and evidence ratings.

For more in-depth information, the Facts & Comparisons Off-Label database offers more than 400 off-label monographs providing key research data:

  • Evidence rating
  • Therapy Considerations
  • Rationale
  • Population
  • Dosing Studied
  • Discussion
  • Guidelines
  • Risk/Benefit Considerations
  • Controlled & Uncontrolled Studies
  • Case Reports

Both U.S. and international publications are considered for inclusion of off-label content.

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