Formulary Decision Support Module

As part of Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information, Lexicomp Online is able to feature specialized resources and valuable content from Facts & Comparisons® to add a greater depth of information and tools to your Lexicomp solution to help support formulary management and clinical decisions. All Formulary Decision Support Module features are easily accessible within the Lexicomp Online interface to help improve efficiency without interrupting workflow.

  • Drug Comparisons Tool — Accessible from the blue toolbar atop every page of Lexicomp Online, Drug Comparisons offers two ways to compare a variety of data points: Monograph View allows users to compare four drug monographs side-by-side, and Data View allows users to build a customized table comparing up to four drugs.
  • Comparative Efficacy and Role in Therapy Content — Help reduce medication errors at the point of care with links to comparative efficacy information from within relevant drug monographs in the Lexi-Drugs core drug information database.
  • Class Monographs – Compare drugs that are common to a given pharmacologic class to assist with drug therapy decisions. Links to class monographs are available in more than 570 monographs in the Lexi-Drugs core drug database.
  • Formulary Monograph Service – Accessible from the blue toolbar atop every page of Lexicomp Online, the Formulary Monograph Service simplifies research and reporting when evaluating new drugs for formulary inclusion. It provides detailed information about recently released and investigational drugs, including access to past reviews. Monographs can be customized to tailor the information to your organization’s formulary.

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