FORMULINK Custom Formulary Database Service

Lexicomp® FORMULINK, Wolters Kluwer's electronic formulary service, allows you to integrate your institution's formulary, policies and procedures, and therapeutic guidelines with Lexicomp clinical information.


  • Eliminate the need for multiple resources, and get one-click access to your hospital's formulary
  • Custom formulary database is fully integrated within Lexicomp Online, providing access to formulary status and valuable drug information in a single, easy search
  • Create Web links to existing hospital-specific policies and guidelines

Managing and Editing Your Formulary

Manage and publish your hospital's formulary with our Web-based content management and editing tool. The Lexicomp Information Management System (LIMS) will allow clinical content facilitators to:

  • "Share" fields of information from Lexicomp clinical databases within custom formulary database drug monographs. Whenever we update shared fields, your formulary will automatically update, providing you with our most current information
  • Select the fields of information you would like to include in your formulary monographs
  • Add hospital-specific information and build your own relevant Web links for convenient access to the information on your hospital's intranet and website
  • Receive reports of your formulary that can be sorted by categories such as generic name, brand name, and therapeutic class