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The toxicology tool is accessed via the blue tool bar at the top of the screen.  Hover over the More Clinical Tools menu and select the Toxicology button. The Lexi-Tox tool combines information on agents of toxicity, antidotes and decontaminants, household products, and provides access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS), toxicology-specific calculators and drug identification in one point-of-care application.

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Searching in Lexi-Tox

From the opening screen, enter any keyword (i.e., drug, household product) into the search box and click the Search button. To assist with searching, a possible keyword list will appear after you enter at least two (2) characters. To select a suggested term, simply click on the desired search term, and the system will automatically perform a search and display the results. Additionally, if you misspell a search term, you will be presented with a "Did you mean" list of possible search terms. To perform a new search using the correct term, simply click on the desired search term, and you will see a results list for the correctly spelled keyword.

Once you have entered your search term, clicking the Search button or hitting the enter key on the keyboard will initiate a global search across the Household Products, Lab Tests and Diagnostic Procedures and Lexi-Tox content sets. Any content set that has information on the keyword searched will be displayed on the results screen. When searching for a particular brand name product, such as Lysol or Drano, results will likely display in the Household Products content set, and when searching for a topic that has an actual treatment monograph (i.e., a drug or chemical), results will likely appear in the Lexi-Tox content set.

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Accessing the Toxicology Indexes

The Toxicology Indexes pages, found under the More Clinical Tools link in the blue bar, allows you to browse the Lexi-Tox content set, Lab Test and Diagnostic Procedures content set, or the Household Products content set using an alphabetical index, as well as provide access to the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) index. To browse the Indexes, click on either the "Antidotes and Decontaminants" or "Agents of Toxicity" link to display an alphabetical listing. Choose a letter to display the topics that begin with that letter of the alphabet. A similar process can be used to browse the Household Products or Lab and Diagnostic Procedures content sets. Clicking the MSDS link will take you to the Drug SDS website, which will allow you to search for the desired Safety Data Sheet.

To review information about a specific household product, click on the hyperlinked term displayed under the Household Products content set. This content set will provide information on the product selected, including manufacturer, ingredients and SDS-derived safety information. From the Household Products content set, you can click on any hyperlinked ingredient from the ingredient table to be taken to the Lexi-Tox monograph for that chemical.

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Using the Lexi-Tox Monographs

The Lexi-Tox content set is designed to provide information on the signs/symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of acute poisonings and emergent overdose situations. To review information within this content set, use the same navigation techniques available throughout Lexicomp, including the left panel Outline links, and the gray contextual navigation bar. The alphabetical "Jump to Section" drop-down menu and the "Find in Document" tool are both available for navigation.

Throughout the Lexi-Tox content set there are hyperlinks that allow the user to access additional details on antidotes or link to dosing calculators when available.

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Clinical Tools in Lexi-Tox

Similar to the blue tool bar in the main Lexicomp application, Lexi-Tox also provides access to clinical tools that are relevant to the management and treatment of acute toxicology and emergent overdose situations. These clinical tools include Drug I.D., Calculators and IV Compatibility.

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To leave the Toxicology Mode and return to the main Lexicomp content, click on the Leave Toxicology Mode button found in the blue Clinical Tools bar in Lexi-Tox.