Universities & Academic Settings

The Wolters Kluwer clinical drug academic solution gives universities access to clear and concise drug and clinical information through online and mobile offerings. Whether incorporated into classroom curricula or used to answer questions and inform patient care on rotations and clinicals, these tools help students prepare for their professional careers by providing them with resources to enhance medication selection, therapeutic decision making, and patient safety.

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Pharmacy Schools

For almost a combined century, Lexicomp® and Facts & Comparisons® drug information solutions have been integral educational tools at institutions of higher learning. Lexicomp Online is highly regarded by hospital pharmacists, and Facts & Comparisons eAnswers is respected by retail pharmacists. With access to both offerings, pharmacy students will be better prepared for their careers — regardless of the particular professional path they choose after graduation!

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Nursing and Medical

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Nursing & Medical Schools

Wolters Kluwer drug information solutions give nursing students resources to help them quickly find answers to their drug information questions so that they can manage a nurse’s busy schedule without sacrificing patient care. Medical students have access to databases and interactive clinical tools to support prescribing and medication therapy decisions to help them excel in class and on rotations and prepare for their future careers. Our content grows with students, from easy-to-understand core pharmacotherapy to advanced clinical tools.

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Informatics Programs

Provide innovative training for your pharmacy and informatics students with access to the Wolters Kluwer clinical solutions and data they are likely to use during their professional careers. Medi-Span embedded drug data and clinical decision support solutions for EMRs are ideal resources to develop instructional presentations, academic projects, and real-world experience in healthcare informatics. Use drug vocabularies, identifiers, descriptive data, and pricing data for in-class informatics instructional examples, student app and Web development projects, and internal research projects.

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Student Benefits

Wolters Kluwer clinical drug solutions help you rise to the top of the class with our clear, concise, easy-to-use drug information tools. But we also give our students a boost up the ladder to success in other ways.

From special student and academic institution prices on our offerings, to fundraising opportunities, and awards and scholarships, we provide our student users with opportunities that encourage the next generation of drug information experts.