Medical Schools Academic Solution

The Academic Solution provides site-wide access for your entire university to our most extensive suite of clinical references. This unique offering allows your university access to top-ranked Lexicomp databases for students and faculty members, including:

Lexicomp® Online

Lexicomp Online provides relevant drug, disease, and clinical information physicians and other clinicians use every day. Designed for the point of care, Lexicomp Online can be used by physicians when collaborating with pharmacists, other physicians, nurses, and additional clinical staff. Lexicomp Online was developed for the clinical setting, and future enhancements will continue to focus on clinical uses and needs.

  • Unbiased and "pharma-free," meaning our in-depth information is not paid for or influenced by pharmaceutical companies or manufactures
  • Clear, concise, and relevant drug and clinical information enables users to quickly locate information on a range of topics, helping to facilitate decision making
  • Medical students and faculty can quickly access useful information to help enhance patient safety, including in-line referencing, clinical practice guidelines, dosing data, and more

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Lexicomp Mobile Apps

Quickly and conveniently, students and faculty can access Lexicomp drug information and clinical content while on the go with our best-selling mobile apps for physicians.


With more than 20 databases, featuring up to date information on drugs, natural products, interactions, lab and diagnostic procedures, and more, students and faculty can save time and increase efficiency at the point of care. Students will also be able to answer tough questions while in class or on rotation.

  • Daily updates provide the timely information, including FDA special alerts, new approvals and more
  • Content is stored directly on the device — you can quickly answer questions even if there is a weak signal or no Wi-Fi
  • Our apps are compatible with the most popular smartphones and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices
  • This premier app contains exclusive Lexicomp databases, plus additional licensed content, such as The 5-Minute Clinical Consult and Stedman's Medical Dictionary, making Lexi-PHYSICIAN COMPLETE the greatest value for smartphones and tablets
  • Features Lexi-Drug Plans database with formulary information of more than 5,500 health plans to help prescribers know if a drug is covered before they order it.
  • Customizable features (available on most operating systems) allow you to tailor the app to your specific needs, helping to facilitate decision making

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