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Wolters Kluwer clinical drug information solutions provide drug data and one-click links to valuable drug reference information for use in healthcare applications, including electronic medical record (EMR) systems and pharmacy management systems, both large and small, around the world. Vendors integrate our drug data as the backbone of systems used in hospitals, ambulatory practices and specialty clinics, pharmacies, and more to support a range of clinical decision support, clinical reference, and patient education functions. In the United States, our data has helped many of our customers meet Meaningful Use and SureScripts ePrescribing criteria.

  • Meaningful Use Support - EMRs that employ our data have been ONC-certified and SureScripts-certified
  • Drug Interaction Data - Our data enables clinicians and healthcare professionals to screen for drug interactions, including drug-allergy, drug-drug and drug-food
  • RxNorm Mapping - We promote interoperability through mapping drug concepts to industry standard RxNorm
  • Drug Reference Data - Integrate drug reference information, such as drug images and detailed monographs, into your system using HL7 Infobutton or other protocols
  • Patient Education - Integrate patient education information covering drug and disease topics, discharge instructions and more. Materials are available in a range of languages
  • Dose Range Checking - We provide data that enables professionals to receive dosing alerts for medications, including limits for pediatric patients and other special populations
  • Filtering to Reduce Alert Fatigue - Use filtering options to intelligently manage the alerts that clinicians see
  • Medi-Span Clinical - Modern, modular drug data solution brings new content and enhanced functionality to your healthcare application

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Trusted Healthcare Partners

Trusted Drug Data

Trusted Data

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information is trusted in the market

  • EMRs - 7 of the 10 top-grossing EMRs use our information in CPOE, EMAR, and other clinical functions for inpatient and outpatient
  • Hospitals - Used in over 96% of 2014-15 Honor Roll hospitals and children’s hospitals as determined by U.S. News & World Report
  • Retail Pharmacies - 4 of the 5 top-grossing retailers use our solutions to enhance patient safety initiatives, calculate reimbursement values, adjudicate medication claims with PBMs, and support patient consultation
  • Payers - 17 out of 20 of the top-grossing PBMs and 95% of the 20 top health insurance companies use our drug data to adjudicate claims, maintain their formularies, and access their member population

Seamless Integration


Drug Data

Providing clinical decision support and integrated drug reference

Our machine-readable data integrate seamlessly into your system to provide fast, sophisticated, context-sensitive, and patient-specific screening, pricing and reimbursement, drug attributes, dosing, patient safety, and interoperability.

Drug Reference

Drug Reference Devices

Drug Information Reference

Explore our reference offerings for EMR and healthcare application vendors

Integrated Patient Education

  • Integrate resources into your EHR or clinical application, including HL7 Infobutton option
  • More than 6,300 leaflets on medications, procedures, discharge instructions, and more available in up to 19 languages
  • Customize the formatting of leaflets with patient- and hospital-specific information

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Integrated Lexicomp

  • Link directly to Lexicomp databases through your clinical system for one-click access to relevant drug information
  • HL7 Infobutton context-specific links available to help meet Meaningful Use requirements

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