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We strive to provide access everywhere healthcare providers need us to be via online reference, mobile apps, or clinical alerts and embedded links within your EHR. No matter when, where, or how they access drug information, providers can quickly reach clinically relevant data. Our publishing model is intended to deliver meaningful clinical alerts and clear, concise drug content that hone in on key information clinicians can quickly synthesize and apply to their decision-making process.

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Drug Reference

Drug Data for Integration with Healthcare Systems

Patient Education

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Drug Reference

Drug Reference on Devices

Drug Information Reference

Medication information and clinical tools for hospitals and health systems help meet the needs of pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.


  • Drug information databases covering adult, pediatric, neonatal and geriatric dosing, off-label drug uses, allergies and interactions, pharmacogenomics, patient education, and so much more
  • Decision support modules including drug, drug allergy and duplicate therapy interactions analysis; medical calculators; IV compatibility and more

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FORMULINK hospital-specific custom formulary databases

  • Eliminate the need for multiple resources, and get one-click access to your hospital's formulary
  • Custom formulary database is fully integrated within Lexicomp, providing access to formulary status and valuable drug information in a single, easy search
  • Create web links to existing hospital-specific policies and guidelines
  • Now available: Custom formulary database can also be integrated into UpToDate

Lexicomp® Mobile Apps

  • Help increase clinician efficiency with on-the-go access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Consistent content between mobile and online drug information, including access to custom formulary database

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Integrated Lexicomp

  • Link directly to Lexicomp databases through your clinical system for one-click access to relevant drug information
  • HL7 Infobutton context-specific links available to help meet Meaningful Use requirements

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Drug Data and EHR Integrations


Drug Data

Medication decision support data from Medi-Span and workflow-integrated access to Lexicomp drug references.

  • Access Lexicomp from within your EHR by a variety of methods including simple Lexicomp search links, HL7 Infobutton search links, Web services, or flat files; or link to individual monographs using our Web API
  • Integrate Medi-Span drug data within EHRs and workflow applications to facilitate medication safety screening, mapping to mandatory standard vocabularies like RxNorm, prescribing controlled substances, and more

Unique collaborations with top EHR vendors:

  • Allscripts
  • Epic®
  • Cerner®
  • CPSI/Healthland
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Quadramed

Solutions for Patient Education

Patient Education

Patient Education

Connect with patients and reinforce providers’ advice.

When patients understand their conditions and treatments, they are more likely to adhere to their treatment plan. Our patient education solution provides easy-to-understand information on medications, conditions, and more, available in up to 19 languages. Integrated into your EMR, it can also help you attest for Meaningful Use Stage 2.

Integrated Patient Education

  • Integrate resources into your EHR or clinical application, including HL7 Infobutton option
  • More than 6,500 leaflets on medications, procedures, discharge instructions, and more available in up to 19 languages
  • Customize the formatting of leaflets with patient- and hospital-specific information

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Video Testimonials

Your colleagues explain why they trust Wolters Kluwer patient education to help improve outcomes for their patients:

Lexicomp is the drug information resource that our entire system uses, so not only do we use it in our pharmacy but we also have it available for nursing and the medical staff.

Lucy Crosby

Greenville Health System