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Drug information solutions for healthcare facilities in Korea and throughout the Asia Pacific region

Why Do You Need Medication Decision Support?

Medication errors and adverse drug events cause hundreds of thousands of deaths a year and cost healthcare facilities billions.

These errors can occur at several stages of the treatment process: prescribing, order entry, dispensing, administration, or patient counseling. They threaten patient safety and can impact an organization’s accreditations and incentives.

A study of medication errors in Southeast Asia* found a medication administration error rate of up to 88.6% and a prescribing error rate of up to 35.4%. Among the causes for these errors, the study cited heavy workloads of Southeast Asia healthcare professionals, misinterpretation of medical chart information, and lack of decision support information.

You work hard to keep your patients safe and avoid medication errors, but it’s impossible to do it alone. Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information solutions offer support to help you screen, identify, and avoid medication errors before they happen.

* Salmasi S, Khan TM, Hong YH, Ming LC, Wong TW. “Medication Errors in the Southeast Asian Countries: A Systematic Review.” (2015) PLoS ONE 10(9): e0136545. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0136545.

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Multinational information

Drug Reference on Devices


Multinational Online Drug Information

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information has spent the last several years globalizing and expanding Lexicomp multinational content. Our online medication information synthesizes approved drug uses, clinical guidelines, and evidence from around the world to present a global view of medication safety.

Lexicomp Online includes:

  • Easily searchable website with 10 available language options for navigation, including Korean, Malay, and Japanese
  • Content including dosing for adults, children and other specific groups; precautions; off-label uses; preparation and administration; and more
  • Drug interactions screening tool
  • Patient education in Korean  and up to 18 other languages
  • Mobile applications available
  • FORMULINK custom formulary service to create a drug list (formulary) database for your hospital including your policies and guidelines
  • Link directly to Lexicomp information from EMRs
  • Links to and from UpToDate® online medical resource

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Clinical screening

Medi-Span Clinical

Clinical decision support and automated screening for EMRs

Help save time and enhance safety with drug data for your electronic medical record (EMR) or computer system. Medi-Span Clinical drug data solutions screen for potential conflicts, double check appropriate dosing, and alert professionals to a variety of errors before they can impact patient care. It can help you improve patient outcomes, reduce the costs of corrective therapies, and avoid readmissions to the hospital.

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Global philosophy

Why Clinical Drug Information?

Global philosophy for medication safety

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information provides trusted decision support solutions to support safe medication decisions and reduction of adverse events. More than 36,000 patients a day and 13.3 million hospital patients every year are impacted by Clinical Drug Information’s point-of-care drug references and clinical decision support databases and modules.

We strive to tell the whole story – offering a view of medication safety that isn’t limited to any one country or region, while also providing region-specific identifiers and vocabularies to promote effective and relevant clinical screening that helps pharmacists and other professionals provide safe care.

Our solutions support established pharmacists and provide a valuable, evidence-based tool to help those in countries where clinical pharmacy is an emerging discipline. We partner with a network of practicing pharmacists from around the world. We engage with these pharmacists while developing our content and rely on their feedback about our solutions.

Customer Confidence Infograph

In recent surveys, customers reported the various ways Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information resources helps them achieve their goals:

  • 86%: Helps providers reduce medication errors
  • 86%: Helps providers improve patient outcomes
  • More than 50%: Organizations experience decreased costs
  • 95%: Users save time with our resources – on average, 30 minutes per day

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information offers Asian hospitals and healthcare professionals advanced medication safety screening solutions including:

  • Online medication resources
  • Drug information links for EMRs
  • Data to support automatic, computerized clinical decision support screening
  • Customized drug lists (formulary)
  • Patient education in English and up to 18 other languages
  • Links to UpToDate® online medical resource