Medi-Span Clinical

Bringing Advanced Functionality and Enhanced Content to Your System

Medi-Span Clinical incorporates the latest Application Programming Interface (API) technology and new content that gives your system the flexibility to adapt more quickly to constantly evolving industry needs, and allows you to implement customizable "User Control" to manage alert fatigue by site, department or even the end-user level.

Incorporating a modern modular design, Medi-Span Clinical is designed to facilitate quick implementation that requires fewer resources and can help to improve overall processing speed. This allows you to focus more of your resources on interface design and less on the data structure underlying it.

Both your clinicians and development teams will embrace what Medi-Span Clinical has to offer.

Medi-Span Clinical Case Study Results

Alert Reduction


of alerts were reduced with Medi-Span Clinical

Script Reduction


decrease in the number of scripts required

Better Outcomes

very favorable feedback from practitioners

Time Savings

Central drug utilization review within the pharmacists' workflow

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Reduce Alerts

Reduce noise and help address alert fatigue

Common Alerts Consolidated

  • Drive down alerts with the consolidation of common alerts between two or more drugs.

User Control

Developed for fine-tuning alert filtering by enabling alerts to be turned off if they are not relevant to the user:

User Control

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Meaningful Alert Messages

Our editorial team has created meaningful messaging designed for a variety of clinician types:

User Control

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Command Center

  • Query, review, test, report on, and customize your Medi-Span Clinical data using Command Center (optional subscription required) to help further optimize medication decision support and reduce alert fatigue.

Faster Implementation

  • API suite allows you to focus on the application and not the underlying data structures.
  • Our experts have optimized the content to support the algorithms and rules that Medi-Span Clinical is built upon, enabling it to integrate seamlessly with your existing or new application.
  • Our modular approach allows you to implement what you need now and add as your needs evolve. APIs are similarly designed so that when one API is programmed, each successive API can be implemented faster.

Code Benefits

  • Code only once to core vocabulary/concept APIs
  • Code only once to interoperability vocabulary system
  • Reuse code with clinical screening APIs
Our company selected Medi Span Clinical because the new, cutting edge functionality meets our evolving needs. Their implementation services and responsive support were invaluable during our platform migration

David Turner

Senior Vice President, Product Development

Script Rx

Improved Functionality

Medi-Span Installer

  • Skip manual steps and save time with our installer tool developed to build required data tables and load them with Medi-Span drug content
  • Manages content updates weekly or monthly as required by users – for both full or incremental updates
  • With the installer tool, the average customer saves 4 steps versus using flat file data

Web Services Data Delivery

  • Eliminates the need for weekly or monthly data load updates and quickly connects you to the most current information available
  • Faster implementation – we host the content, so your organization requires less infrastructure and experiences fewer demands on your development environment
  • Allows customization of the display of our content to suit your needs
  • Available for most popular Medi-Span Clinical APIs:
    • Drug Interactions
    • Drug Allergy
    • Duplicate Therapy
    • Drug Disease Contraindications
    • Pregnancy, Lactation, Age, and Gender Contraindications


  • Technology upgrade allows Medi-Span Clinical APIs to become operating system agnostic
  • Supported on multiple operating systems, including Mac OS, Linux, and Windows

Maximum Ingredient Level Daily Dose screening

Screen ingredients that are found in multiple products to help you guard against exceeding documented daily dose maximums.

For example: Exceeding 4,000 MG of acetaminophen in 24 hours is harmful to patients and difficult to track since acetaminophen is a common ingredient in many drug products. Our Ingredient Level Maximum Daily Dose screening capability provides meaningful tracking assistance.

Dose Recommendation

Our Dose Recommendation functionality enables clinicians to receive a recommended medication order based on patient-specific parameters when a dose screening fails.

IV Compatibility

IV Compatibility functionality provides nurses and pharmacists with workflow-based preparation and administration information for more than 70,000 parenteral drug study results.