U.S. & Canadian Distributors

Lexi-Comp, Inc. partners with various distributors across the U.S. to provide a valuable advantage to bookstores and other customers interested in bulk ordering. Product lines include all print titles as well as select PDA software. To find your discount and special return privileges, please contact one of our wholesalers below.

Contact Information

Baker & Taylor Books
251 Mt. Olive Church Rd.
Commerce, GA 30599-1100
Phone: 800-775-1800
Fax: 800-775-7480
Electronic orders: 800-775-0410
Locations: Commerce, GA; Momence, IL,
Bridgewater, NJ; Reno, NV
Website: www.btol.com
Email: btinfo@btol.com

J.A. Majors Company
500 East Corporate Dr.
Suite 600
Lewisville, TX 75057
Phone: 800-633-1851
Fax: 972-353-1300
Locations: Commerce, GA; Momence, IL,
Bridgewater, NJ; Reno, NV
Website: www.majors.com
Email: customerservice@majors.com

Login Brothers Canada
300 Saulteaux Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3T2
Phone (US): 204-837-2987
(Canada): 800-665-1148
Fax (US): 204-837-3116
(Canada): 800-665-0103
Locations: Winnipeg, MB and Mississauga, ON
Website: www.lb.ca
Email: sales@lb.ca

Matthews Medical Books
11559 Rock Island Court
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
Phone: 800-633-2665
Fax: 800-421-8816
Locations: St.Louis, MO and Pinebrook, NJ
Website: www.matthewsbooks.com
Email: mlc@mattmccoy.com

Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc.
511 Feheley Dr.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: 800-345-6425
Fax: 800-223-7488
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Website: www.rittenhouse.com
Email: customer.service@rittenhouse.com