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Medi-Span® Price Rx® the industry's leading online drug price reference and analytical tool designed to help meet the demanding requirements of healthcare businesses. It provides quick access to widely used Medi-Span drug pricing content and analysis tools to help you strengthen your business decisions.

Through its Medi-Span application, Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information has maintained long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers that allow us to deliver new and updated price information with unmatched speed. At the same time, our Price Rx data is published independently under our proprietary editorial policies that are intended to keep the information as unbiased as possible. With available multiple daily updates, Price Rx provides the most advanced tool available on the market today!

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Why more healthcare professionals are choosing Price Rx

In recent surveys, successful manufacturers, payers, retail pharmacies, and others described their experiences with Price Rx and detailed the benefits and value of its data and analysis tools:

  • Trusted Content – Have confidence in our data, which continues to be trusted by our top industry healthcare businesses
  • Testimonials – Read what customers have to say
  • Fast Answers – Price Rx provides key drug pricing information paired with the tools you need in order to help you answer drug pricing questions fast – without needing additional IT support

Learn how Price Rx can help save time and add value:

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Price Rx is an internet-based turnkey solution used to provide quick answers to your drug pricing questions. Learn more about our essential drug pricing information and analytical tools:

  • Preferred – Discover how other healthcare professions are using Price Rx
  • Data – See what differentiates our content
  • Technology – Learn how our advanced user interface and tools help you reach market intelligence quicker
  • Functionality – Search, export, get alerts, and more!