Medi-Span Price Rx: An Overview

Turn to the leading provider of drug data to help you excel in the marketplace and achieve your goals. While other tools may promise, Medi-Span Price Rx delivers:

Use Cases

Current drug pricing information is critical to staying apprised of price changes and current market conditions. Price Rx performs multiple functions developed specially for your industry:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Price checking and verification
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Brand and market management
  • Price tracking and forecasting
  • Therapy cost comparisons
  • Pricing and timing for product launches

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  • Stay apprised of new manufacturers and products
  • Assistance with recognizing price increases and decreases
  • Find generic products that may be suitable substitutes for brand products

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Financial Services Companies

  • Provides the detailed pricing data for your revenue models
  • Speedy access to data with updates multiple times per day
  • Research before you invest and evaluate current investments
  • Wide coverage of pharmaceutical products
  • Be alerted of potentially important price changes

Retail Pharmacies

  • Stay apprised of new manufacturers and products
  • Keep abreast of price increases and decreases
  • Find generic products that may be suitable substitutes for brand products

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  • Formulary management
  • Price tracking, analysis, and forecasting
  • Establish and verify reimbursement
  • Therapy cost comparisons
  • Monitor new drug products

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Price Rx delivers timely, extensive, reliable pricing and product data:

  • More than 400,000 products with active and inactive data
  • Current and extensive historical prices based on AWP, WAC, ASP, DP, CMS FUL, NADAC, ACA FUL, and Weighted Average AMP
  • The Medi-Span proprietary Average Average Wholesale Price (AAWP), Generic Equivalent Average Price (GEAP), Average WAC (AWAC), and Generic Equivalent WAC (GEWAC)
  • Payment Allowance Limit for Medicare Part B drugs
  • Clinical dosing information to calculate daily therapy costs
  • Drug Application Type data elements include NDA, ANDA, and BLA indicators
  • Medi-Span proprietary Brand Probability data to assist with brand/generic determinations


The tool possesses enhanced technology for greater user efficiency:

  • Online access to drug information at any time and any place
  • Automated daily email alerts notifying users of the latest data updates
  • Easily transfer data in and out of the tool (export data to Excel or Adobe PDF and import data from external files or other applications)
  • Comprehensive help function embedded in the tool


Key Price Rx functions include powerful search, alerts and reporting and analytic capabilities:

  • Search by manufacturer, NDC, UPC, HRI, USC, trade and generic name and by the Medi-Span generic product identifier (GPI) therapeutic classification system
  • Create multiple email alerts to inform users of recent data changes
  • View, save, or print full product information reports for any NDC or UPC anywhere in the tool
  • Customize reports to effectively analyze pricing information
  • Graph and compare historical prices or compare current prices across therapeutic classes and forecast future pricing trends
  • Analyze pricing changes over user-specified time intervals at various therapeutic classification system levels
  • Dedicated customer support allows users to seek personalized assistance for individual needs