Price Rx Pro Plus

Top competitors in the healthcare industry know: In business, faster is better than slower. Now is better than later. And knowledge-based decisions trump guesswork every time.

That's why there's Medi-Span® Price Rx® Pro Plus with multiple daily updates and alerts of drug pricing changes and real-time updates of the most frequently used pricing types! More immediate access to competitors' changing data helps your company make faster, fact-driven competitive pricing, positioning and strategic decisions.

  • Email alerts are sent up to six times a day as there are important drug data updates — including new drug releases, pricing changes and new generics for brands — to enhance your market intelligence. New data and price changes for AWP, WAC, and DP are updated in real-time with the option to have email alerts sent immediately to help you make decisions at the speed of the market. Receive an average 190 price updates and 60 new NDCs a day!
  • Medi-Span has nurtured strong industry relationships for 35-plus years, which helps provide extremely current information reported by a comprehensive group of manufacturers, payers and retailers about new drugs, pricing changes and new generics for brands.

Who Needs Price Rx Pro Plus?

  • Payers: Position your company to optimize drug spend, with more immediate knowledge of generic launches and updated drug options.
  • Manufacturers: Get quicker knowledge of competitors' changing data, enabling you to respond swiftly, based on facts.
  • Retail pharmacy: Gain quicker knowledge of the most cost-effective drug options and alternatives, and you'll be equipped with more current information for comparing information received from your wholesaler.


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