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We could tell you how much students LOVE Lexicomp. But wouldn't you rather hear what actual student users think?

How does Lexicomp compare to other resources?

  • Compares In Depth
  • Compares Trusted
  • Compares User Friendly

Is Lexicomp worth the price?

  • Price

What is your favorite Lexicomp feature?

  • Favorite Features Content
  • Favorite Features Ease of Use
  • Favorite Features Functionality
  • Favorite Features One Stop Shop

How has Lexicomp helped you in class?

  • Helps in Class

How has Lexicomp helped you on clinical rotations?

  • Helps on Rotations Fast Answers
  • Helps on Rotations Instant Access

Why is Lexicomp ideal for students?

  • Invaluable Ideal for Students
  • Recommend

Tell us about a time you were glad you had Lexicomp

  • Invaluable Real World
  • Invaluable Skill Competition

How important is having pharma-free drug information?

  • Pharma Free Info