Price Rx for Wholesalers

For drug wholesalers, recent market forces have created a more competitive environment. Keeping apprised of competitive drug data can be a daunting task. To help create product success and the highest possible return on investment, you need an advanced drug pricing and information tool.


Relevant and updated drug pricing information is critical to staying apprised of product changes and current market conditions. Price Rx is essential for multiple functions:

  • Seeing new manufacturers and products
  • Assisting you with recognizing price increases
  • Determining the generics to a brand


The tool possesses enhanced technology for greater user efficiency:

  • On-line access to drug information at anytime and any place
  • Automated daily e-mail alerts notifying users of the latest data updates
  • Easily transfer data in and out of the application (export data to Excel or Adobe PDF and import data from external files or other applications)
  • Comprehensive help function embedded in the tool


The product delivers current, comprehensive, reliable pricing and product data:

  • More than 400,000 products with active and inactive data
  • Current and comprehensive historical prices based on AWP, ASP, DP, CMS FUL, NADAC and WAC
  • Medi-Span's proprietary Average Average Wholesale Price (AAWP), Generic Equivalent Average Price (GEAP), Average WAC (AWAC), and Generic Equivalent WAC (GEWAC)
  • Payment Allowance Limit for Medicare Part B drugs
  • Clinical-dosing information to calculate daily therapy costs
  • Drug Application Type data elements include NDA, ANDA, and BLA indicators
  • Medi-Span's proprietary Brand Probability data to assist with brand/generic determinations


Key product functions include powerful search, alerts and reporting and analytic capabilities:

  • Search by manufacturer, NDC, UPC, HRI, USC, trade and generic name and by Medi-Span's generic product identifier (GPI) therapeutic classification system
  • Create multiple e-mail alerts to inform users of recent data changes
  • View, save, or print complete product information reports for any NDC or UPC anywhere in the application
  • Customize reports to accurately and effectively analyze pricing information
  • Graph and compare historical prices or compare current prices across therapeutic classes and forecast future pricing trends
  • Analyze pricing changes over user-specified time intervals at various therapeutic classification system levels
  • Dedicated customer support allows users to seek personalized assistance for individual needs

Price Rx is a Web-based drug price analysis and reference application designed to help meet the demanding requirements of the wholesaler market.


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